Work Package for Applicants

There is a PDF version of this document available.


Access with ssh(1) in terminal.

  1. Make workpackage directory:

    mkdir -p workpackage
    cd workpackage
    sda init Workpackage
  2. Create database workpackage.db:

    snn --key sqlite_db_base --value workpackage workpackage.sql
    emacs workpackage.sql
    # create table ...
    sqlite3 workpackage.db <workpackage.sql
  3. Generate workpackage_db module: --pyjsmo-schema 'sqlite:///workpackage.db' > ''
    emacs ''

    Fill out variable DSN with workpackage.db

  4. Program workpackage module:

    emacs ''

    Create bottle app. In function run start HTTP server on port supplied with option –port, default: 5001. On index page display buttons Fill and Clear and all persons and their car(s) in a table.

    • Fill => fill database, display index
    • Clear => clear database, display index
  5. Serve workpackage application and view it:

  6. Document project workpackage:

    emacs 'README.txt'

    Document workpackage with plantuml UML diagrams:

    • class diagram for class person and class car with relations
    • activity diagram for functions in
  7. Build and view documentation:

    sda make


Task specification for building a minimal Python web application using specific tools and build environment.